"Committed to community building in Saanich."


Paul Gerrard - Platform
Saanich Councillor

Phone Number:  250-386-2745
E-mail Address:  phgerrard@shaw.ca

As a Saanich Councillor, I will continue to.......

Work to preserve and enhance the quality of life for all Saanich residents.

Promote safe, healthy communities by supporting strong police, fire and bylaw enforcement departments, harm reduction initiatives and traffic calming measures.

Encourage sustainable development based on Smart Growth principles and promote the concept of complete communities, with amenities and mixed use development supporting major urban centres.

Promote fiscal responsibility while maintaining essential services and without neglecting important infrastructure projects.

Support a co-operative regional vision to planning and transportation choices.

Encourage small farming and organic practices.

Protect the Urban Containment Boundary and ALR lands.

Support, promote and protect the arts, culture and heritage of Saanich.

Encourage active participation in sports, recreation, trails and fitness programs.

Support the Regional Housing Trust and other affordable housing initiatives.