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Paul Gerrard - News
Saanich Councillor

Phone Number:  250-386-2745
E-mail Address:  phgerrard@shaw.ca

  • Saanich News May 21, 2014 “ Pooch prohibition poses problems.”
    Saanich News May7, 2014 “Program gets the kids off the couch.”
    Saanich News March 28, 2014 “ Gearing up for greener garbage.”
    Times Colonist March 16, 2014 “ Sewage route details becoming clearer.”
    Saanich News January 1, 2014 “ Garbage goes green in 2014.”
    Saanich News December 27, 2013  “ Craigflower Bridge rebuild starts.”
    Saanich News December 18, 2013 “Heating oil contaminates Colquitz River Park.”
    Saanich News November 27, 2013 “ Clay courts a hot potato.”
    Saanich News November 22, 2013 “Garden to grow in Gorge Park.”
    Saanich News November 13, 2013 “Building blocks for a better community.”
    Saanich News October 16, 2013  “Getting healthy together in Saanich.”
    Saanich News, October 2, 2013...”Saanich expands Blenkinsop parkland.”
    Times Colonist, August 18, 2013...”A fuss over a paint job at Silvercity'.”
    Saanich News, July 19, 2013...”Saanich broadening rules for farm markets.”
    Saanich News, July 10, 2013...”Suburban cattle farm prepares for long haul.”
    Times Colonist, June 28, 2013...”Saanich close to happy ending on Haro Woods.”
    Times Colonist, December 9, 2012...”Heating oil spill into Gorge.”
    Saanich News, November 30, 2012...Saanich allotment gardens grow.”
  • Saanich News, November 23, 2012...”Saanich opposes use of genetically modified seeds.”
  • Focus Magazine, November, 2012...”BC battles Northern Gateway.”
  • Times Colonist, October 27, 2012...”Saanich calls for just one MP.”
  • Saanich News, October 19, 2012...”Horseshoe club hosts block party revival.”
  • Saanich News, September 19, 2012...Third try for vilified UVIC parkade.”
  • Saanich News, August 3, 2012...”Saanich sets sights on Tillicum Target.”
  • Saanich News, July 13, 2012...”Urban farming in Saanich gets serious.”
  • Saanich News, April 27, 2012...”Saanich taxpayers in for $100,000 to host Junos.”
  • Saanich News, April 4, 2012...”Sound advice for oil heating tank owners.”
  • Times Colonist, February 26, 2012...Cedar Hill Golf Course.”
  • Saanich news, February 17, 2012...”Building a better watershed.”
  • Saanich News, February 10, 2012...”Crossing the Gorge.”
    Times Colonist, December 11, 2011...”Public opinion sought on Parks plan.”
  • Saanich News, November 18, 2011...”Creating a vision for a new Saanich.”
  • Saanich News, November 16, 2011...”It’s not easy being noticeably green.”
  • Saanich News, November 11, 2011...”Finding funds amid financial belt-tightening.”
    Saanich News, October 7, 2011...”Council derails UVIC parkade.”
  • Times Colonist, October 6, 2011...” Not listening stalls UVIC Sports Centre.”
  • Saanich News, September 23, 2011...”Green office complex eyed for Shelbourne.”
    Saanich News, July 20, 2011...”Panama flats could help respond to food security issues.”
    Times Colonist, March 16, 2011. "Saanich rejects proposal to develop farm."
  • Saanich News, March 4, 2011. "Tracking their turnout."
  • Times Colonist, January 13, 2011. "Uptown Centre's bumpy start."
  • Saanich News, September 1, 2010...”CRD must borrow to help build better lives.”
    Saanich News, August 20, 2010...”Deadline set for eyesores on Inverness.”
    Saanich News, May 26, 2010.   "Opportunity lost."
  • Saanich News, November 18, 2009.   "One year checkup."
    Saanich News, July 8, 2009.   "Saanich Strawberry Festival."
    Times Colonist, May 29, 2009.   "Saanich keeping lid on spending."
    Times Colonist, May 21, 2009.   Saanich ponders Tillicum Towers."
    Times Colonist, February 14, 2009.   "RioCan revises Tillicum residential plans."
    Saanich News, November 28, 2008.   "Spotlight on council newcomer Gerrard."
    Saanich News, September 17, 2008.   "It's raining money."
    Saanich News, July 16, 2008.   "More can be done to improve Saanich."
    Monday Magazine, May 29-June 4, 2008.   When the backyard is full."
    Monday Magazine, January 10-16, 2008.   "Sniff out better sewage."
    Times Colonist, December 11, 2007.   "Community gardens would offer fresh start."
    Monday Magazine, July 19-25, 2007.   "Necessary needling."
    Boulevard Magazine,March / April, 2007.   "Down with sprawl."
    Times Colonist, February 14, 2007.   "Mall redevelopment needs further thought."
    Times Colonist, January 22, 2007.   "Town centre proposal in spotlight."
    times Colonist, December 13, 2006.   "Town and Country mall renovation gets scrutiny."
    Times Colonist, July 28, 2006.   "Let's keep them down on the farm."
    Times Colonist, April 26, 2006.  Carolyn Heiman column.
    Saanich News, August 31, 2005.   "Mr. Gorge / Tillicum enters municipal race.
    Monday Magazine, December 2-8, 2004.   Impact of gambling needs study.
    Times Colonist, October 15, 2004.   "City's casino hunt called desperate.
    Times colonist, October 5, 2004.   "Burnside / Gorge facility gets go-ahead.
    Times Colonist, August 30, 2004.   "Divided Victoria lacks vibrancy.
    Times Colonist, August, 2013...”Emily Carr branch to move to Uptown.”
    Times Colonist, January 30, 2011...”The future of our libraries.”
    Saanich News, July 28, 2010.   "Libraries looking to change.
    Times Colonist, January 30, 2011. "The future of our libraries.
    Monday Magazine, May 6-12,   "Re: Landmark library lost.
    Times Colonist, January 30, 2010.   Ian Haysom column.
    Times Colonist, December 9, 2009.   "Books for Babies rescued."
    Times Colonist, September 23, 2009.   "Library cuts come as demand rising."
    Saanich News, March 18, 2009.   "Library abuzz over spring break."
    Times Colonist, September 16, 2007.   "Staff gears for grand opening of Centennial branch."
    Times Colonist, April 30, 2007.   "A new home for history."
    Times Colonist, April 27, 2006.   "Tillicum Library to be built by the book."
    Saanich News July 16, 2003.   "Library tops wish list."
    Saanich News, June 5, 2002.   "Gorge / Tillicum residents make a case for a library."
    Saanich News May 16, 2014 “Saanich acquires land around King’s Pond.”
    Times Colonist April 16, 2014 “Homelessness not a local issue.”
    Focus Magazine March 1, 2014 “More good design needed.”
    Times Colonist January 9, 2014 “Belfry play gives voice to homeless.”
    Times Colonist January 7, 2014 “ Seniors’ care complex in Gorge neighbourhood.”
    Times Colonist December 31, 2013 “ Putting homes within reach.”
    Saanich News, October 2, 2013..." Tiny home fills small niche."
    Times Colonist, September 27, 2013..."North Saanich should mull housing at Sandown."
    Times Colonist, January 13, 2013...”Is it time to retire the Property Transfer Tax ?”
    Saanich News, October 12, 2012...”Work begins on first rental units in 25 years.”
    Times Colonist, May 23, 2012...”As apartment opens, tenant so grateful for affordable option.”
    Focus Magazine,May, 2012...”A crisis of youthful poverty.”
    Saanich News, April 4, 2012...”Housing built for renters rare in Greater Victoria.”
    Saanich News, July 2, 2010.   "The heart and soul of Habitat homebuilding."
    Times Colonist, August 4, 2009.   "Province must support leaky-condo owners."
    Times Colonist, May 4, 2009.   "All governments can help with rentals."
    Saanich News, February 13, 2009.   "Saanich stalls on secondary suites."
    Saanich News, December 12, 2008.   "Saanich chips in to help homeless."
    Saanich News, November 12, 2008.   "Campaigns offer plans for secondary suites."
    Saanich News, October 29, 2008.   "Neighbours voice concerns over proposed location of housing for homeless."
    Focus magazine, February, 2007.   "Response to the Forum on Homelessness."
    Focus magazine, January, 2007.   "A winning strategy on homelessness."
    Saanich News, October 4, 2006.   "Homeless hard to find in park."
    Times Colonist, March 24, 2006.   "United effort against homelessness urged."
    Times Colonist, March 16, 2006.   "Gorge / Tillicum group aims to explore issues around homelessness."
    Saanich News, March 1, 2006.   "Homeless find shelter in former Saanich School."
    Times Colonist, December 5, 2005.   "Victoria's crackdown has Saanich fallout."
    Saanich News, October 5, 2005.   "Gorge community cleans up park."
    Saanich News, March 23, 2005.   "Affordable housing in crisis."
    Saanich news, August 20, 2003.   "Do you think the CRD should charge its taxpayers a levy to create affordable housing."
    Lower income, employed adults find home at Pembroke Mews."Times Colonist, May 23, 2012.
    Vergo family townhouses open in Saanich." Times Colonist, May 26, 2012.
    Habitat for Humanity AGM and cheque for $ 30,000 presented for Saanich duplex." Times Colonist, Jun 25, 2012.
    Carey Place a dream come true as senior's complex opens in Saanich." Times Colonist, Jun 29, 2012.
    Saanich News November 27, 2013 “Cutting emissions, cutting costs.”
    Times Colonist,May 14, 2013...”Long, hard look needed at McKenzie intersection.”
    Saanich News, Feb 10, 2012... "Crossing the Gorge."
    Saanich News, Nov 9, 2011... "Taking charge of our Transit planning."
    Saanich News, Nov 4, 2011... "Changing the way you move around town."
    Saanich News, Oct 7, 2011... "Council derails UVIC parkade."
    Saanich News, May 4, 2011..." Rapid Transit success requires government support."
    Times - Colonist, May 3, 2011..." LRT best choice, Councillor says."
    Times - Colonist, April 15, 2011...." E & N too valuable to let die now."
    Times Colonist, March 10, 2011. "CRD moves toward taking over transport planning for region."
    Saanich News, January 26, 2011. "Provincial party shake-ups an opportunity for resolutions."
    Times Colonist, January 25, 2011. "Time to press for fair traffic funding."
    Times Colonist, January 20, 2011. "Keep rail heritage in trail's name, CRD urges."
    Times Colonist, September 14, 2010...”McKenzie intersection should be priority.”
    Times Colonist, July 13, 2010. "Langford rail run feasible now."
    Times Colonist, May 20, 2010.   "Higher road capacity is not the answer."
    Saanich News, August 5, 2009.   'Let's reconsider the NZEV bylaw."
    Times Colonist, July 12, 2008.   "We can adapt to energy costs."
    Times Colonist, April 16, 2007.   "Mayor : Barren bus stops a blight."
    Saanich News, March 28, 2007.   "Streetscape spending hits a nerve."
    Saanich News, December 8, 2006.   "Saanich bridges in dire need of repairs."
    Saanich News, April 12, 2006.   "Saanich looking like a poor cousin."
    Esquimalt News, August 25, 2004.   "Trouble with traffic."
    Saanich News, February 11, 2004.   "Traffic calming transforms Gorge / Tillicum neighbourhood."